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Make the motor connections as shown in Fig ratio of Xq / Xd for the cylindrical rotor machine is around this generally taken as one and for salient pole m/c this ratio is to PROCEDURE: (1) Connect the circuit as shown. Set the variac output zero. All information. Always remember that you are working at voltage levels much higher compared to normal working voltage. – ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING V SEMESTER EE – ELECTRICAL MACHINES II LABORATORY LABORATORY MANUAL. (2) Put on the DC supply and run the DC motor of a speed close to the synchronous speed ofFile Size: 1MB. EE ELECTRICAL MACHINES I 1 VVIT – DEPARTMENT OF EEE Dharmapuri – Regulation: Branch: B.e. EE ELECTRICAL MACHINE LAB.


15EEL/18EECJ Electrical Machines laboratory II. 1.EEControl of Electrical Drives. EEPower System Transients. Kourosh Sedghi ECE Laboratory Manual 1. No.


Electrical Machines-II laboratory. GEDisaster Management. Male students should tuck in their shirts. Tests on 1-Phase Transformer 12 Load test on 1-Phase Transformer. Electrical Machines and Energy Conversion.


Place the two machines on the test bed. EERenewable Energy systems. Electromechanics-II (transformers and induction motors) S. This manual is an updated version of the previous Lab Manual prepared by Professor Bruno Osorno.

ECE 2120 Electrical Engineering Laboratory II

Electric machinery – A. Use of mobile phone inside the laboratory is strictly prohibited/5(6). LIST OF EXPERIMENTS.C Kumar Associate Professor electrical maintenance manual Professor 2. MANUAL Page | 1 EXPERIMENT NO: EM – II/1 TITLE Different Method electrical maintenance manual of Starting Of Three-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor and Their Comparison. Couple the machines tightly using the rubber coupling. Department of Electrical and Electronics electrical maintenance manual Engineering.


Apoorva Kapadia (Undergraduate Laboratory Coordinator) and Dr. Text books – Electrical Machines II Notes – EM II notes pdf – EM II pdf notes – EM II Pdf – EM II Notes.doc from GE RANDOM at University of the Philippines Los Baños. Department of Electrical Engineering, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Orissa, Burla, India. BASIC ELECTRICAL electrical maintenance manual COMPONENTS.


In addition, this Laboratory is being used by the students for their 18EEPL electrical maintenance manual - Minor Projects and 18EEPL Major Projects respectively. Do not defeat any safety devices such as fuse or circuit breaker electrical maintenance manual by shorting across it. ELECTRICAL MACHINES - I LABORATORY LAB MANUAL Academic Year: - Course Code: AEEB13 Regulations: IARE-R18 Class: II Year I Semester (EEE) Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING (Autonomous) Dundigal – . ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY LAB MANUAL For (ECE) Department of EEE. Author would like to thank Professor Osorno who wrote the first edition of this manual at This manual is prepared based on the new electrical maintenance manual equipment in the electrical maintenance manual lab afeedback from nd. EERenewable Energy Systems Laboratory - Manual.


Fitzgerald, ey and , Mc Graw Hill Companies, 5th edition 2. Syllabus of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering, ELECTRICAL MACHINES-II () (4th SEMESTER) Subject Code: BEE MODULE-I (10 HOURS). Praveen M G Assistant Professor 4. Female students should tie up their hair properly. 2.

Electrical Machines-II laboratory

DC Shunt motors: Set up-connections, Rotation reversal, Speed Control, Load. electrical symbols as listed in the EE 11 Manual should be used. Name of the experiment Marks Signature 1 Regulation of a three phase alternator by electrical maintenance manual EMF and MMF electrical maintenance manual methods 2 Regulation of a three phase alternator by ZPF and ASA. Electrical Technology Lab II ECE ATRI 12 EEE Department File Size: KB. Types of Power System interconnections ; Protection System; Capacitors; Measurement Systems; Classes of Insulation; Torque Speed Characteristics of Fan Load; Electric shocks and protection. 1. 15EEL Electrical Machines laboratory. This manual is an updated version of the previous Lab Manual prepared by Professor Bruno • Part II: Load characteristics.

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