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The mixture was. You should finish the annotation of sea ray 19 spx owners manual all genes assigned to you. You should include the following in your You will be provided with a lab manual. Next entry: Important Dates and Information,. Each group selects a gene for presentation. 2) Learn key essential laboratory skills involved in biomedical research, including experiment planning, execution, documentation, and analysis.. View Methods SEA from BIO at Ohio State University. The papers in this group are partially or completely authored by members of HHMI's Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science (SEA-PHAGES) program. Needless to say, the pink lab manual was passed several times up and down the table. SEA-PHAGES (Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science) is a two-semester, discovery-based undergraduate research course that begins with simple digging in the soil to find new viruses, but progresses through a variety of microbiology techniques and eventually to complex genome annotation and bioinformatic .


We'd made a Black-and-White-printable version in the past, but special thanks to Nick Edgington for creating a version of this year's lab manual that can be successfully printed in Black and White. Then removed 10µl from and added it to , vortexed, then removed 10µl from and added it to , vortexed. The responses have been used to make improvements in the manual.This workflow may be of interest to the many faculty participating in the SEA-PHAGES project.

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Phage Titer Objective: To determine the concentration of pfu in a given solution and to. Enrichment isolation was performed as described in protocol on pages of the SEA PHAGES Lab Manual (Poxleitner, ). The SEA-PHAGES Laboratory is a laboratory course at Detroit Mercy sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Science Education Alliance. Find Sea Ray 19 sea ray 19 spx owners manual Spx Ob boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Description: Director of Laboratory Services Matt McDonald takes viewers inside of the SEA-PHAGES lab where students enrolled in freshman honors biology cond. The findings from this pilot test indicate that the manual was an effective tool for science professors and their students. Specifically, faculty members: are trained at HHMI-sponsored workshops in the techniques of microbiology, molecular biology, and sea ray 19 spx owners manual genomics, as well as commonly employed pedagogical practices to deliver the PHAGES and GENES course-based research projects;. SEA-Phages – Bioinformatics of SEA-Phages – Spring 2 On average, you will annotate 25 to 30 genes in this semester. Three Phase Streak Once plaques were observed on the plate from the direct isolation step the plates were sent on the three-phase streak protocol.

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Laboratory Manual Mycobacterium smegmatis Science Education Alliance Howard Hughes Medical Institute Chevy Chase,%. There are many advantages of this sea ray 19 spx owners manual "Build-a-Phage" course. The medical relevance is inherently interesting to students. Locate Sea Ray boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! Download SEA-PHAGES Virtual Machine. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tags: No tags. The lab is designed to give students a unique mentored research experience in their freshman year.

This page showcases the hard work and dedication of the students enrolled in the Sea-Phages lab section of General. Figure 1: fold Serial Dilution. Source: SEA-PHAGES Lab Manual, Part I Capture 9 Once the dilutions were completed. The key features of the modification and scale-up sea ray 19 spx owners manual of the SEA-PHAGES course were 1) streamlining the Phage Discovery lab to meet once per week instead of twice so that it could become sea ray 19 spx owners manual the introductory biology laboratory course; 2) integrating the second SEA-PHAGES semester into the standard Genetics lab course; and 3) hiring a lab manager, peer. 1 SEA-PHAGES Lab Manual. Part 1 Capture Riddick Page 4 then vortexed it to ensure the contents were mixed thoroughly. View Lab Report - sea phages lab manual from BIO at Drexel University. The official website for HHMI and the University of Pittsburgh's Science Education Alliance program: Phage sea ray 19 spx owners manual Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science. Makemson Lab Bacterial Bioluminescence and Bacteriophage Research Links to Makemson's Courses: BCH General Biochemistry (Summer, Fall, Spring ) MCB General Microbiology MCB Lab (Fall, ) BSC L and L (Fall , Spring ) SEA PHAGES Lab. The SEA-PHAGES Virtual Machine The SEA VM is an Ubuntu disc image with the programs Phamerator, Starterator, Newbler, AceUtil and Consed and associated databases pre-installed.

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A sample of the. Sea-Phages, Florida International University, Miami, Florida. Firstly, a plate was divided into 3 equal sections. The SEA-PHAGES Virtual Machine download is a ~ file, so downloading it will take some time. Unpacked, the file is ~12 Gb.. The program began in Fall with 12 colleges and universities teaching a two-semester phage discovery and genomics class, and has grown to include over. The pre-lab reading was helpful on the second day, but a lot of the specific “add a specified amount of this to this using this” was left out and I sort of played it by ear half the time. It's available on and can be downloaded from the Faculty Documents page.

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Through this authentic laboratory research experience, the students are expected to: 1) Learn basic techniques necessary to grow bacteria and propagate phages. The sea ray 19 spx owners manual manual was piloted in two genomics courses at James Madison University and by multiple professors at other SEA-PHAGES member universities. Using a similar methodology to the one used to create the sea ray 19 spx owners manual synthetic yeast genome, we are instead synthesizing phage genomes. Ahmed Diop METHODS: All of sea ray 19 spx owners manual the methods described sea ray 19 spx owners manual were modified and adjusted based on the lab manual (SEA Phages Lab Manual. Including the Laboratory Manual, the bioinformatics Resource Guide, the DNA Master annotation platform, a virtual machine and assessment materials; (ii) DNA sequencing and finishing for the genome of one phage; (iii) full participant sponsorship and hosting of the end-of-the-year SEA-PHAGES.

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The next step included a plaque screening, where 50µl of each sample was placed in an aliquot of ml of Mycobacterium smegmatis, otherwise known as The tubes were labeled along with agar plates. The SEA-PHAGES Program. 20 likes · 1 was here. View Lab Report - Lab report phage titer and plaque purification from BIO at Drexel University. Faculty members that join the SEA benefit from being part of a community that collaborates to advance both science and science education. Removed 10µl from.

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